196 Xmas Grog Makes For a Fun Podcast

Sunshine and Starshine are sending out some Tiki inspired holiday cheer.  For those who are no stranger to Polynesian pop culture, you know what we are talking about.  But for those who may not know, there are plenty of not so traditional ways to celebrate the Xmas season.  Try some steel drum or exotica music selections for starters.  Rum inspired food and drink are always a plus.  A Hawaiian themed holiday can add a very nice splash of flavor to your average meal.  But however you do it, let us do the talking.  Listen to this weeks podcast and sip some of Kalani's Xmas Grog while we share some winter memories, give some tid bits about the upcoming Summer tiki festivities and take a call from Pumpkin.  Even though she couldn't be in the lounge with us. Kalani's Xmas Grog

2oz Sunshines spiced rum

2oz 100% pommegranate juice

4oz fresh squeezed OJ

Thats it, so simple.  just stir with ice.  You don't even need a shaker.  To make the rum, click here for the recipe.

Visit itunes for some holiday exotica.