166 Benedictine Monks and Icelandic Volcanoes

Every now and again we record a show that has a life of its own.  This week Sunshine and Starshine sat down with a lovely Oahu Sling and a page full of notes.  Just moments after the sling kicked in we started several tangents about anything but what we intended to talk about.  Luckily we were able to remind our listeners that it is now time to book your tickets and room reservations for Tiki Oasis. Not only can you see the entire ZTL crew at Tiki O this year, but this is the 10th anniversary of tiki shenanigans in beautiful San Diego.  Can't make it to the west coast?  How about Fort Lauderdale for the Hukilau in June?  Tiki Kiliki and friends put on the most intimate of tiki gatherings, one of this summers sure fire events.  Not to long ago our friend Tiwaka sent us a couple of books to give to listeners and this week we give away three books to some of our most adored fans.  Get your copy by visiting The Parrot Talks in Chocolate.com.   Chinese ninjas, Icelandic volcanoes, coconut dairy substitutes and wet dogs are just some of the other intriguing topics this week.  Don't forget to join us on facebook or send us your comments to mail@zentikilounge.com