160 Don't Drink with Tiger Woods

You may notice that the audio on this weeks show is a bit.....crappy.  Well, when drinking and recording a podcast things tend to get a little screwed up.  But, the show must go on. Our show this week is tangent upon tangent.  Sometimes making sense is too difficult. Starshine is just as tired of Tiger Woods as Sunshine is, we both think he should shut the hell up and leave us all alone.  A Ugandan minister is trying to scare his flock by showing them hours of gay porn in church!!!  What kind of church is that?  Sunshine shares a little info on some new tiki schtuff, tikimasters.com for example is a great site that stocks plenty of masks, decor and art for your tiki bar or patio.  We offer up a third copy of The Parrot Talks in Chocolate to the listener who makes us a sock puppet of a parrot and sends us proof.  That sounds like fun.  Oh, and don't forget the cocktails and exotic music.  Our drink this week is called Tahitian Pearl and tastes like a heavenly island with cool breezes and barely dressed natives.