157 Pat Robertson Hates Haiti

While enjoying a lovely rainy day here in the lounge, Sunshine and Pumpkin toast some cocktails and chat about the events of the past week.  Our cocktail is the Blue Bayou.  A simple and tasty vodka drink that pleases on a wet day.  Add a little music from the dollar bin that Pumpkin found and we're ready to talk.  Pat Robertson the "hates everyone but himself asshole" has been spouting off again.  This time he decries that Haiti made a pact with the devil and therefor deserves destruction.  Really???  Join us in the fight against Pat Robertson and send your email comments to his ministry.  700 Club CBN Network.  Next up, Sunshine gives some info on all the great tiki events coming this Summer and a review of The Parrot Talks in Chocolate by Everett Peacock.  Pumpkin explores the world of crazy ass holidays made up just so we can spend money on crap that no one needs.  And we the end the show with some fun drinking games you can play with all your friends and family. Be sure to check out:

Cocktailnation Podcast with Koop Kooper

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