149 Balloon Boy is an Alien!

Holy flying toddlers Batman!  Those crazy self acclaimed descendants of aliens are sending little Jimmy up in a flying saucer balloon again.  This calls for a stiff cocktail.  Pumpkin shows up in the lounge with mystery ingredients as a way to challenge Sunshines mixing skill.  A little blood orange bitters, some Hawaiian pineapple soda and plenty of rum made for a good drink in just 5 minutes.  Tiki news is back this week, bringing you some of the best places to catch some live exotica or get hammered on your favorite libations.  Don't miss Hulaween at the famous Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale and be sure to visit PaperPumpkins.com to print out Tiki Jack O-Lantern patterns.  As we promised the Grand Canyon one way tour is starting boarding this week with final boarding next week.  Glen Beck, Dick Cheney and all the rest are already on the bus waiting but if you feel we have missed someone be sure to send us an email to nominate more folks for the tour.  There is plenty more show besides all this, so download and listen to the train wreck we call the Zen Tiki Lounge podcast.