140 Tiki Oasis 9 or Bust!

This is our last podcast before we all head to Tiki Oasis 9 in San Diego.  Don't have your tickets yet?  Go to tikioasis.com ASAP and get yours.  Join the ZTL crew for a weekend of tiki drinks, great surf music and plenty of party.  Did we mention burlesque?  Steamy!  Sunshine gives listeners some good tips for finding those exotica tunes and saving some money at the same time, check out eMusic.  Pumpkin tells us all about her recent trip to stripper class, it wasn't as easy as she thought.  Sore thighs and a few other parts prove that strippers deserve your respect.  We also dive into the homeopathy controversy, useful or total crock of S*&#?  Listen to find out.  No show would be be complete without something totally useless, thats why Pumpkin rants about the more than numerous different colored ribbons out there.  Would you like to make more people aware of or colon cancer?  Great!  There is a ribbon for that.  Tune in and enjoy the tunes, drinks and chit chat.  See ya all at Tiki Oasis.