108 Pumpkin's very special day!

This weeks show is very special.  Special with a capital "S" and everything.  Little did Pumpkin know (she may have suspected a little something, but she was surprised when it happened) but I decided to give her a surprise birthday party while recording the podcast.  We start the show out just like any other, a delicious cocktail, some tiki music and a little mail.  Then everyone showed up and it turned into a party.  FUN!  Our cocktail this week was concocted out of necessity.  Basically my bar is still very low from a lot of parties, so you gotta use what you have.  Luckily I threw together a boozy treat that even Pumpkin gave high marks.  The "French Mai Tai" as I called it is a twist on the Trader Vic's original, but has a French twist.  Cognac and Cointreau give this drink a sophisticated palate, but the Mai Tai origins are not lost.  Using Cognac as a float instead of a dark rum actually turned out to be an amazing discovery.  Try this one at home today.  Besides the cocktail we did welcome a few new listeners to the lounge and had a few interviews with some of the party guests.  You will either be turned off or laughing to hear our friend tell all about her romantic adventures with her home spa.  Naughty. This weeks drink:

French Mai Tai

2 oz pineapple juice (not from concentrate)

3/4 oz fresh lime juice

1/2 oz simple syrup (don't use orgeat)

1 oz silver rum

1/2 oz Cointreau

1/2 oz Cognac for float (Hennessy works great)

Add everything but the cognac to a shaker with crushed ice.  Give just 4-5 good shakes, you don't want froth.  Pour into a chilled, clear glass with plenty of crushed ice.  Top with the cognac.  Garnish with a really think lime wheel on the rim, a cherry and sword or pick and the pretty parasol of your choice.  Looks great, tastes even better.