106 Sarah Palin on the downswallow

Sometimes you just can't pull it together.  Like this weeks show prepartion, just didn't happen.  Sunshine and Pumpkin just walked in and babbled, something we haven't done in a good while.  It was nice to know that some of you had asked us to be more off the cuff more often.  Well, here ya go!  Our contemporaneous topics included tiki floral arranging, sort of.  Also, Justin Dick was just an average citizen until someone vandalized his vote yes on prop 8 sign.  Now he is sad.  To get things a little less heavy, Sunshine invents a new phrase "on the down swallow."  Find out how it relates to Sarah Palin and the McCain Mob.  We almost forgot to mention that Pumpkin has started giving her dog a special dog beer.  Proof that our society has crumbled,,,,,,giving your dog his own beer?  Its all over.  So lets drink and celebrate the Halloween season.

Rub HERE for a fun surprise : )

Drink of the Week 

Dra Kahlua

1.5 oz Kahlua

 .5 oz Cognac VSOP

.75 oz Orange curacao

 .5 oz fresh lemon juice

Our second cocktail for Halloween, the Dra Kahlua is as good as it is strange.  In a shaker, add ice and all ingredients.  Shake very well for 30 seconds.  Pour into chilled martini glass rimmed with chocolate or lemon or a combo of both.  Sip while very cold.