Here is an UP drink that is bright in citrus flavor with hints of spice and a touch of bitter. Tansuma is simply a play on the words Tangerine and Satsuma, two varietals of citrus that work well in this cocktail interchangeably. Tangerine has a brighter orange color with a touch of red, unlike oranges that tend to be a more dull orange hue. Tangerine flavor is also a bit more sunny than an orange. Fresh tangerine juice is becoming more common in grocery stores in the refrigerator section but go with fresh squeezed whenever you can.

2 ounces fresh Tangering juice

1 ounce Dry Curaçao (Gran Marnier or Cointreau can be substituted)

.3 ounce Stroh

.3 ounce Campari

.5 once Sweet Vermouth

Combine all ingredients in a shaker or mixing glass.  Stir or shake well. Strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with a slice of tangerine and a pop of mint for color.