Pool Drink

Every great day by the pool requires a beverage to increase your level of relaxation. Pool Drink is a simple concoction that relies on things you likely have in your cabinet, in your fridge or behind your bar. Its not fancy but it hits the spot on those warm days when a reusable plastic cup can be refilled many times over your lazy day. (Compliments to the Pineapple Mermaid Grotto pop up party for these fun cups)


Mix and match any rum, sangria or fruit juices in the following proportions to find your perfect Pool drink.

3 oz. bottled red sangria (easily found at most grocery stores and liquor marts)

1 oz. dark or aged rum (Plantation dark is great, Appleton is also good)

.5 oz. smoked or spied rum (we use Stolen Smoked Rum

4 oz. Mixed Juice (peach nectar and passion fruit mixed 50/50 are wonderful) 

.5 oz. Simple syrup, Cinnamon syrup, Vanilla syrup or sweetener of your choice

Chile Lime seasoning for garnish

Mix everything and stir with ice. Even better, multiply this recipe by 10 and make a gallon or more! Sprinkle a little Chile lime seasoning on top after pouring into cup with ice. Garnish with stone fruit like plum, nectarine, peach etc. Any fruit you like with sangria is a great garnish.