Samoa Delight

Inspiration for a cocktail can come from just about anywhere.  While walking into the grocery store Sunshine was attacked by a troop of girl scouts pushing their cookies.  How about a cocktail that tastes like a liquid cookie....but better.  The thin mint was over done.  No one wants a drink that tastes like tagalong.  So the Samoa (caramel delight) was clearly the winner.  After purchasing 14 boxes of said cookie, Sunshine started playing with the recipe for what is now Samoa Delight.  

2.5 ounces Coconut Water (with coconut meat, we recommend Parrot brand)

1 ounce Appleton Special Rum

.5 ounce Coconut Liquor (Kalani or another coconut liquor with at least 25% alcohol by volume)

.5 ounce Frangelico or other hazelnut liquor (not Amaretto)

.3 ounce Chocolate Rum (Selvarey) or Chocolate Vodka like VanGogh

Shake or stir all ingredients with ice and strain into a coconut mug.  Garnish with a Samoa cookie and a cocktail cherry.