When trolling the slot machines of your local casino it can be hard to find a decent drink.  Oh sure, you can get a rum and coke or a screwdriver.  But those are usually made with crap juices and the most bottom shelf of liquors.  So, Sunshine Tiki likes this simple champagne drink that even a newbie cocktail waitress can't get wrong.  Stay inebriated and hydrated at the same time while throwing away your hard earned money.  


When your cocktail waitress strolls by, ask for:

1 glass of champagne

1 club soda or lemon lime soda with a lime and cherry

Take a few sips of your champagne and pour the soda in to fill it back.  Transfer garnish to your new cocktail and give it a squeeze of lime.  Simple.  Tasty.  And, it looks far classier than what everybody else is drinking.