São Paulo Sunrise

One of the best reasons to travel the world is to enjoy the culture through food and drink.  South America has many large metropolitan areas and Sao Paulo is the largest.  Brazil is known for Cachaca, oranges, Carnival and rain forests.  Certainly not in that order.  The people are welcoming and enjoy the sun and fun that their climate affords.  With all the Cachaca that has been gifted to us here in the Zen Tiki Lounge we had to create a drink that showcases the flavor and warmth of Brazil.  Sao Paulo Sunrise is an easy to sip libation perfect for a late morning after a long night of reveling in the city night clubs or street parties.  The burnt and grassy notes from cachaça can be more complex than the typical rum while fresh squeezed OJ lends a familiar and easy finish.  Next time your at the pool, make this one by the pitcher and play some Samba or Bossa Nova.  

Sao Paula Sunrise

1.5 ounce Cachaça

1 ounce Silver Rum de Brazil (Oronoco or Oro)

2 ounces fresh squeezed Orange Juice

.5 ounce fresh squeezed Lemon Juice

.5 ounce Orgeat (Almond syrup)

*2 dashes Angostura Orange Bitters (optional, still great without it)

Shake all with a cup of crushed ice and pour unstrained into your favorite glass.  Garnish with fresh orange wheel.  Enjoy the warmth of a sunny morning.