Rumhattan Blend

Every amateur mixologist should have a few of his or her own boozy blends, infusions and recipes.  Our RumHattan mix is a blend of three rums that work well in many cocktails.  By mixing Jamaican, Demerara and Panama cane rums you get a complex set of flavor but easy to use blend that is nice in a classic cocktail or a fruity tiki drink.  Keep a bottle of this blend handy and use it as quick way to mix most any tiki rum cocktail.  Just add up all the rum in a cocktail recipe and replace with an equal amount of this blend.  Works every time.  Try changing the rums around with others you may prefer.  You may never find your favorite because you'll have so much fun mixing.  

Rumhattan Blend

8 ounces El Dorado 5 yr

8 ounces Appleton V/X or Appleton Rare Blend 12yr

8 ounces Selvarey Silver 

Combine all three rums in an airtight bottle and use in just about any drink that calls for multiple rums.  Make a Mai Tai using this blend.  Click the link to try this in our RumRita recipe and the Rumhattan.