Puka Shell

We receive a lot of requests for simple cocktails with just one exotic ingredient.  Many people don't mind searching for one hard to find ingredient but prefer to keep it to just that one item.  We can understand.  The Puka Shell will impress with simplicity and an exotic touch.  Made with Ōkolehao, the ancient Hawaiian spirit distilled from ti plant.  It may be difficult to find Okolehao if you don't live on the West coast.  But ask your bigger booze barns if they won't mind ordering it. Hi Times in Costa Mesa carries it and they ship,  as well as a few other LA area liquor emporiums.  As for the rest of this cocktail, all you need is a grapefruit and some cinnamon syrup.  Bam!  Try Okolehao in any drink that calls for vodka or rum with a single juice or mixer.  Keep it simple to enjoy the floral and caramel flavors and aroma.  

2.5 ounces Okolehao

4 ounces fresh white Grapefruit juice

.5 ounce homemade cinnamon syrup (simple syrup simmered with cinnamon sticks)

Shake everything together with ice and strain into a small bowl or a large glass or tiki mug filled with crushed ice.  Garnish with fresh grapefruit and maybe a cinnamon stick.