Pon farr

From across the alpha quadrant we bring you this tantalizing cocktail that celebrates Mr. Spock and his home world of Vulcan.  Pon farr is also known as the Vulcan mating ritual that must occur every seven years or certain death.  If you can't gallivant around the cosmos you can still mix up Pon farr and celebrate everyones favorite Vulcan.

Pon farr

1.5 ounces Zaya Rum

.5 ounce Hibiscus Liquor

1.5 ounces Guava Nectar

1 ounce Sour Mix (we recommend homemade)

.5 ounce Fresh Lemon Juice

1 cup crushed ice

Shake all ingredients lightly with ice.  Pour unstrained into the glass of choice.  Garnish with guava fruit or lemon peel.