Mandarin Rumtini

Don't say tiki drinks can't look classy.  The Mandarin Rumtini is a simple little cocktail that begs to be sipped slowly with friends.  The key to this is using a nice mix of fresh citrus juice and lively spirits.  Not exactly a pool cocktail, we never recommend mixing water, glass and easily spilled libations.   

Our resident tiki deigned by John Mulder is known for getting a little tipsy.  

1.5 oz Mandarin or Tangerine Juice

.5 oz Lemon Lime Juice (A 50/50 mix of lemon and lime juice is great for many drinks) 

1 tsp light brown sugar

1 oz Cruzan Citrus Rum

1 oz Mandarin or Clementine Vodka

.5 oz Orange Liquor (80 proof) 

1 tsp  Blood Orange Bitters (Stirrings)

Shake all with crushed ice till you can't shake no more.  Strain into chilled cocktail glass and garnish with skewered mandarin segments and citrus leaves.