Lemon Grog

Use your favorite aged rum to make this drink.  Grog was traditionally a simple combination of rum (or other similar spirits) and other ingredients that made it taste better.  Usually citrus and spices were added, sometimes a little sweetener as well.  Water was also commonly added to make the old harsh rums more drinkable.  Sunshine's version of Grog is very lemony.  Having Meyer Lemons on hand and being given a nice aged rum, this was whipped up and enjoyed by all your hosts here at Zen Tiki Lounge podcast.   

Lemon Grog or a similar grog should be in everyones tiki drink black book.   

1 part Aged Rum (Ron Zacapa 23 or Cruzan Single Barrel work well)  

1 part Lemon Mix* 

Combine in shaker with cracked or crushed ice.  Shake vigorously to promote dilution.  Strain into rocks glass with a few large cubes of ice.  Garnish with a nice fat lemon twist. 

*To make my lemon mix combine: Boil 1 cup water and steep 2 Lemon Zinger or similar tea bags for 5 minutes.  Remove tea bags and add 8 rounded tablespoons dark brown sugar and the juice of 3 lemons strained of pulp.  Stir till sugar is well dissolved.  Store covered in refrigerator.  Keeps for two weeks.  Also great in iced tea, hot tea and many other drinks.  

This drink appears in podcast episode 279