Extra Swanky


On Grand Cayman you will find this simple recipe made many ways.  Try this basic recipe for the brown sugar lemonade and then fool around with additional ingredients to add more complexity. But keep in mind that the simplicity of brown sugar, lemon, lime and rum is near perfect.

Brown Sugar Lemonade

1 cup fresh Lemon juice

1 cup fresh Lime juice

1.5 cups dark brown sugar

6 cups water

Remove pulp from the lemon and lime juice with a piece or cheesecloth or reusable coffee filter.  Boil water with brown sugar until completely dissolved.  Remove from heat.  Add juices and chill well.  Balance to your preferred tartness with more or less sugar or juice.  You should notice the distinct brown sugar flavor vs. a standard white sugar.  *when chilling the lemonade, try adding the zest of one lime and one lemon by putting the zest in some cheesecloth or reusable tea bag.  Soak the zest in your lemonade as it chills and remove it before serving.  

Extra Swanky

5 ounces brown sugar lemonade

2 ounces dark Caribbean Rum (Tortuga, Cayman or Plantation work well)

2 dashes *Regans' Orange Bitters

Pour everything in a tall glass with ample ice.  Stir.  Enjoy over and over.

*The orange bitters and citrus zest are optional ingredients not traditionally included in this libation.  We recommend trying Swanky in the Cayman style and then add the extra ingredients for Extra Swanky.