Bayou Swamp Slush

Our original hostess Pumpkin loves her blendy drinks. Sunshine rarely creates one of these concoctions as he feels they are generally fairly “cruise ship” in flavor and overly sweet for no reason. Normally we dive into one of the better tiki drink books to find a libation suited for Pumpkins frosty needs. Any of the great bar books by Beachbum Berry will provide a recipe for a classic blended, flash blend or frappe style drink. But this time we wanted to create something new. In Southern California, Texas, Florida and much fo the lower US you can find sunny citrus most of the year. Tangerines, clementines and Satsumas all have similar flavor but the tangerine or Cutie is most widely available in todays supermarket. For that reason this drink uses the fresh juice of tangerine along with a Satsuma liquor made by Bayou. This spirit is becoming more widely available and you can substitute a 30% ABV sweet orange spirit if needed. In any case you will enjoy Bayou Swamp Slush.


1.5 oz Dark Barbados or Jamaican Rum

1.5 oz Bayou Satsuma or Orange liquor

1 oz fresh squeezed Tangerine juice

.75 oz fresh squeezed Lime juice

.5 oz Coco Lopez coconut cream

2 dashes orange bitters

Combine all ingredients is a blender along with 2 cups crushed ice. Blend on high for 30-45 seconds until smooth. Pour into a tall fancy glass and garnish with tangerine slices and mint. If you prefer a more sour version like Sunshine does, add a little more lime juice to the blender, pulse a bit longer and try again till you fall in love.